The local music scene has been pulling together in recent days in order to support for Black Lives Matter. These measures have been taken in order to show that there is solidarity as everyone seems to be drawing lines in the sand.

There are many ways to help and show support, and many local bands nationwide and throughout the entire music industry have been doing anything they can to aid the protests and campaign for civil liberties in the United States.

“Blackout Tuesday”

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were a flood of solemn, blake squares earlier this week. 

In an effort to show alliance with BLM protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death, those in the music industry chose to change their profile pictures for a “blackout” on Tuesday, June 2nd, in order to pay homage to Floyd the current string of protests that are erupting across the country.

The three major studios, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, and Universal Music Group, agreed to stop business as usual and offer a moment of silence for the passing of George Floyd.

Many local bands followed suit, joining in on the bandwagon and showing support.

Helping to Organize

Many bands have been sharing local resources alerting others to scheduled protests. This ensures that fans know when different events are taking place, what precautions to take, and what you should bring.

There have been others that are calling for people to attend local city council meetings that discuss municipal funding in order to address the funds allocated to local police. By making sure fans are informed, bands are taking the initiative to make their feelings known and trying to make sure that others can make informed decisions about their city and make a safer place for everyone.

Donating to Relief Funds

Many protesters have been arrested by police across the country. There have been many funds created in order to help post bond for protesters.

Some bands have promised to donate a portion of proceeds from their own album and merch sales to go towards similar relief funds associated with the BLM protests. Helping those who are in need is a prevalent theme throughout these ongoing protests.

By offering what they can, local bands are helping keep those practicing their rights from being unfairly treated.

While there are many ways we can help each other, it is times like these when we have to come together to make sure that everyone has what they need. By showing strength and solidarity with protesters, local bands are attempting to create a helpful network of support for those who are trying to make their grievances known regarding policing in America.

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