5 Dallas Rappers Perfect For Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow Season 2

Bryson Paul

The search continues.

Netflix’s 2019 experimental music show, ‘Rhythm + Flow,’ turned out to be a huge success. The 10-episode competition starring Hip-Hop mega stars T.I. (“Live Your Life”), Cardi B (“I Like It”) and Chance The Rapper (“No Problem”) scoured the respective cities of Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles for the genre’s next big star. Upon crowning the debut winner, the competition was one of Netflix’s most-watched of 2020. “Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow isn’t just a hit, it is one of the best television shows of the year, precisely because it embraces authenticity in a television format that so often feels completely fabricated,” says Complex.

Now battle-tested. Netflix announced a sophomore season in March 2020, scheduled 2021 with the original trio’s return. Eager to cast a wider scope in the second season. Auditions available now on the show’s official website, requirements include being 18 years of age or older, the sharing of a 16-bar freestyle verse with backing track, a 16-bar freestyle verse without backing track, and a 90-second video bio.

The debut season saw the crowning of its first winner in the Inglewood, California recording artist D Smoke. And with the first winner, the reality show also created fan-favorites out unknown contestants like Londynn B, Flawless Real Talk, Old Man Saxon. Season two is expected to deliver the same, if not more, excitement as the first.

Therefore, Hearby’s Bryson “Boom” Paul finds five rappers coming out of Dallas, Hip-Hop’s newest hotspot, each perfect to compete against 30 new contestants for a chance to win $250,000. In anticipation of the upcoming season, review our five Lone Star picks.


Texas is best known for the legendary chopped and screwed sound; however, Dallas has some ferocious lyricists but none more lethal then Jui$e Leroy. The resemblance of Scarface, Chamillionaire and D.O.C. in every rhyme he regurgitates into the mic. From 2017 to present, this Fort Worth-native took the DFW by storm with intangible skills on buzzworthy Trappy Chan and LORDS. In the judge’s eyesight, not only would Leroy showboat, he would instantaneously become a odds on favorite.


East Dallas Erica Banks is revered as a formidable rapper, whether male or female, by hometown heroes like Yella Beezy. In recent years, she earned monikers like “Da Flow Queen” and “The Hardest Female Rapper in Dallas” with feisty lyrics and attention-grabbing attitude. She validated her credibility on Art of the Hustle, Pressure and Cocky on Purpose which she issued an open challenge to the city’s fellow female heroines for an irrefutable crown. Familiar with nonstop competition, Miss Banks’ prowess would have competitors quaked with fear.


The show’s first crowned star was a Bilingual wildcard never known for a commercial appeal or trendy ad-libs but his wow factor. Making 7ThaGreat and his stay in the pocket flow, shock-and-awe freestyles and polarizing presence potentially another surprise selection who could potentially wear the crown. A career built on tenacity, 7thaGreat’s quick draw creativity would be undeniable to judges like his latest hit “I Got Baggs”.


This energetic, West Dallas rapper was given his popularity by 32,000 Instagram followers and has recently become one of the city’s most promising new artists. Los is mostly known for his charismatic wordplay and youthful banter, as well as his Latin charm. His song, “Dallas Potion” remains one of the city’s sleeper hits of 2020.


From Cardi B to Londynn B, all the women of Rhythm + Flow were astonishing in the debut season; therefore, it makes no sense why the East Dallas lyrical lemonade, known as Honie Gold with her infectious underground raps, can’t pick up where they left off in season two. After her hit “Playboy,” Honie created her own wave with her debut Mind Over Matter Vol.1. In competition, the fearless lyricist and her progressively slick tongue would elevate the level of competition that many would-be unable to reciprocate.

Did we miss a favorite artist(s)? Let us know in the comments.

Rhythm + Flow returns 2021 on Netflix.

(Photo Credit: Daksh Kapoor)


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