It’s been a tough few months for live music.

Across the planet nearly everything has been put on pause as we’ve focused our efforts on battling against the global pandemic. This effectively ended the live gig as we knew it at the start of the year but now, months after the shutters came down across the world, we’re starting to see the green shoots of rebirth poke through.

As we take these first tentative steps out into a new live music landscape we’re acutely aware that this is not business as usual. As some places start to reopen, others are closing down- some of them permanently. The whole world is in flux and the music scene is no exception.

Old favourites have closed their doors and won’t reopen. Those that do will be changed for the foreseeable- social distancing, masks and all the cultural artefacts of the pandemic seem here to stay for a while at least. Things have changed.

But this is not a doom-laden letter from your editor- I want to talk about hope.

While things have been tough, we’ve adapted. We’ll keep on adapting.

Countries across the globe are starting to realise that without the cultural sector we all end up poorer and governments are finally starting to put some money into music’s life support machine. But, even before this realisation from the halls of power, the scene was sorting itself out.

I don’t need to tell you about the way things moved from venue to virtual – if you’re reading this the chances are more than good that you’ve been streaming with the rest of us. As these online shows seem like they’re here to stay, Hearby will be covering the best of them-and we’ll be sharing those local gems across our entire audience and hopefully finding you a new favourite act for when things start to look more like they did.

Of course, it’s not all streaming- pubs are reopening in England, Ireland and New Zealand with more and more countries moving in that direction. Live music can’t be far behind. As things slowly start to open, we’re going to be right here, doing what we’ve always done and charting the rebirth of live music while helping you. As Hearby expands into new territories, you’ll be able to see exactly how it’s all unfolding right here on the site or on the app.

Now, more than ever, we want you to help us get the word out there- music is best as a shared experience.

That means we want you to tell us what’s going on, what you want to see more of. We want to know what venues are doing to keep ready for action. We want to know what bands are playing regular streaming slots. We want to know what people are doing to nurture their local scene. The comments sections are open. If you see something cool on Hearby- share it and tag us. If you don’t see something you want, get in touch and let us know. We’re in this together.

We know times are strange and we know they’re going to be strange for a while yet but we want to do everything we can to signal boost those who’re keeping hope alive and the music playing. Things are going to be tough, but they’ll be a lot tougher if the sound track switches off.

So, with all that in mind, we’ll see you at the front as soon as we can,
Andy the Editor.

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