Hearby exists for one very simple reason: to help you explore all the live music scenes around you.

Let me explain.

As we’ve travelled around, we’ve spent countless hours searching out those live music shows in the cities we have found ourselves in. Sometimes we’ve found what we’re looking for, but, more often than not, we’ve settled for what we could find.

At home we’ve got our usual roster of venues and bars that are always going to be good, but we’ve couldn’t shake off the feeling that there’s more out there to find.

That’s what Hearby is for; a place to explore all the music we can find. We want to share it so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for, or perhaps find something you didn’t know you were looking for at all.

It’s a mammoth task. The permutations of music are as endlessly varied as the permutations of people. No two people ever really agree on what the ‘best’ is – it’s an entirely subjective judgement call. I like a driving bassline, you like poetic lyrics. I like wild jazz drum solos, you like pop bands and synth melodies. The real beauty here is that we’re both right – to us, what we like the best is the best and we should never let anyone take that from us.

Equally, because the varieties are endless, there’s just no way that anyone can ever say for certain that they’ve found everything they’re looking for. When you start to think of all the possible musical families out there the sheer volume of different sounds that people are enjoying could only be expressed in astronomical terms and scientific notation.

Luckily, no matter where on earth you happen to be, someone, somewhere, will be playing something you want to hear. Maybe you’re in the mood for something familiar, maybe you want to get out there and experiment a bit. There are no wrong answers. We’re all after the same thing – a few moments where the world dissolves into the background and everything is replaced with that sound, whatever that sound may be.

In a world that is, we’re told, more fractured than ever, we need these moments. Everywhere we look, people are dividing into tribes. Everywhere we look these tribes are battling each other over minute details of dogma. Nowhere, perhaps, is this clearer than in the political sphere.

However, when the division becomes so widespread, so all-encompassing, that we lose sight of the things that unite us – and there are many – with our fellow countrymen, and indeed our fellow humans worldwide, it has to become clear that things have gone too far.

We need to step back. Take a breath. Take a look around and take stock.

Music gives us the chance to do just that. It’s an escape from the grind, a moment when we’re all together for the same purpose – to have a good time. Exactly what we consider a good time might change from person to person, but the underlying theme here is one we can all rally behind.

Music is a universal language that bypasses the part of us that tends to overthink and draw clear lines in the sand. You don’t need to know what the lyrics mean to understand the song. You have no need to know the intricacies of someone’s political thoughts to dance beside them. All you need to know is that you’re both having a good time; however you happen to define that.

With all this in mind, we’ve set about bringing all the wonders of technology and expertise into Hearby to gather a mind-boggling amount of data so that we can help you find those magical moments. With so much to chose from we’ve gathered together local music writers who know their cities’ music scenes inside and out, to help you sift through that data and make the choices.

We’re not vein enough to think that we know what you’re looking for – that’s far more personal than an app could ever get. So we’ve done our best to present all the music we can find.

We know we’re missing things and we want you to tell us when we’ve left something out – we promise it wasn’t on purpose. We also want you to let us know when we’ve got something wrong. The comments sections are always open and we genuinely want to hear from you. Let us know what works, what doesn’t and what your musical adventures have brought you.

So, with all that in mind, let the music play.

We’ll see you at the front.
Andy The Editor

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