An Interview With Electric Supply Company

Tim Moffatt

Some bands are the sum of their parts; some parts are surf, parts are punk, some of these bits over here are stoner riffs and then there are some whiffs of classic rock to even out the mixture. That would be Electric Supply Company in nut shell. A group made up of different parts of different scenes that come together to make a rock and roll Frankenstein’s monster that feels comfortable in almost any room full of musicians. We asked Jesus Arteaga a few questions to get to the meat of the matter on Electric Supply Company:

Hereby – So how did you guys get started?

ESCWell, we met at a red light at the intersection of Dixie (Highway) and Oakland Park (Boulevard). We all just kinda looked at each other and felt like we would all do well in a band together.

Hereby – What are some of your influences?

ESC – weed, tv, sometimes not weed, the internet, other music, animals, skateboards, and fuckin’ nature!

Hereby – Who are some of your fave bands to play with and places to play?

ESC – We like Reels, Jeremy n the Clones, The Vagnauts, Stucco, Ben Katzman, Bleubird, Donzii, Armageddon Man,  Timothy Eerie, Dads Day Off, The Summit, Nervous Monks, Real People, Daisy Chain, Fever Beam, Wastelands, and I’m sure there’s a thousand more but I can’t remember!

Hereby – Where did you record the new 45?

ESC – We did it in hell. Accompanied by Ferny from The Shack in Hialeah. It’s out right freaking now on Freetime Boyz ‘n it was mastered by mike Kennedy over at Vinylmilitia. 

Hereby – How has quarantine affected you guys?

ESC – Quarantine friggin’ sucks dude. Fuck corona virus, fuck trump, and fuck the heat. 

Hereby – What’s next for the band?

ESC – To practice sometime this year, hopefully.

We here you on that! Electric Supply Company is: Jesus on guitar and vocals, Sarah Dusking on drums, Joe Joe Thompson on guitar and vocals, Ivy Stump on bass, and DC on aux percussion. 

Stream and order their new e.p. out on Freetime Boyz here:


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