Boston Band Gentle Temper Offers Truly Realistic Virtual Concert Experience

Gabe Allanoff

In a time without actual live shows, bands are creating new and inventive ways to simulate concerts. Many are live-streaming performances from their bedrooms, which is awesome, but unfortunately a Zoom talent show just can’t replicate the dynamic sensations and customs of a real concert.

Luckily, Gentle Temper, a Boston-based indie folk band, has committed to emulating the whole experience.

On their Patreon, Gentle Temper is throwing a “Virtual Garden Party,” where they’re offering both digital and physical renditions of actual concert rituals, deals, and items. For their most inexpensive deal, Tier 1 “Ground Floor,” which costs $5 a month, you’ll get access to a monthly livestream concert, a handwritten welcome letter (to the “ground floor”) in the mail, free shipping on all merch (US shipments only), and early access to updates, tickets, and select releases.

Gentle Temper’s Tier 2 “Next Level” subscription works as a kind of a press pass, where patrons are granted access and permission to cover and report on their music videos before they release. Tier 2 costs $10 a month, and each tier includes the benefits of the tiers prior. 

For $15 a month, Gentle Temper is offering the most realistic concert simulation experience that I’ve seen anywhere. At Tier 3 “The Summit,” patrons can request a song for Gentle Temper to perform at monthly Patrons-only virtual concerts. Also, Tier 3 patrons get early access to unreleased music and music videos, as well as exclusive updates, tickets, and select releases. On top of that, patrons get first dibs on all new merch, and one free ticket to one (in-person) show a year (once social gathering is safe and permitted). Lastly, your name will be featured in the credits of all Patreon-sponsored video releases from Gentle Temper.

Aside from the thrill of being a part of one of the most inventive and technologically resilient concert simulations to date, why would you pay for this? Gentle Temper, that’s why. Their soothing, textured ballads, poetic lyrics, glowing vocal harmonies, and tumbling melodies can turn a confining, quarantined room into a cozy, luscious haven—especially when experienced live. 

Despite the countless losses COVID-19 has dealt society and its institutions, musicians are continuing to do what they do best: turn challenges into prompts, turn restrictions into opportunities, and turn hardship into beauty. Stay tuned for more coverage of the virtual concert revolution, right here on Hearby.


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