Boston Favorite Michael Christmas Drops Two Realist Raps About Staying Positive

Gabe Allanoff

Boston-rap representative Michael Christmas just dropped two colorful bops to brighten up your day. “Young & Foolish,” which released less than 24 hours before “Little Bit O’ Weed,” showcases the Roxbury emcee’s old-school flow over a colorful sample-chopped beat from Playa Haze. The first half of the song hosts a dense verse with humble confessions and frank assessments. He raps, “I know how the music industry could use your influence,” then ends the couplet with, “I hate preaching ‘bout this shit ‘cause I know that shit is useless.”

Michael Christmas has long embodied the everyman, the hometown hero who’s hard not to root for. Over four years after his breakout album What A Weird Day, he is still just as lovable. His compact delivery, cartoon references, and beat selection spotlight his discernible MF DOOM influence. Christmas recently started making beats too. He recently tweeted a propulsive flip of Madvillain’s “Great Day,” in which Christmas’ personal flavor shines though.

Christmas caps off his colossal verse on “Young & Foolish” with the line “the world gon’ end like six months, like sheesh, facts.” On his adlib track, he shouts, “We’re gonna die!” Even though he’s thoroughly pessimistic in parts of this song, the bop still somehow radiates hope and positivity. After the quick refrain, Christmas riffs on a classic Notorious B.I.G. psalm, saying, “Kick in the door, waving the four four.” To counter that imagery, jolly banter fills the background as the track fades out.

On “Little Bit O’ Weed,” which is produced by Deezy Pinder, Michael Christmas sings a relatable hook that illustrates how exactly optimism keeps prevailing in his head. He says, “Brought a lil bit of weed to smoke / Not enough to pass, but I got enough to roll / Man I get depressed, don’t look forward to the snow / If I get a check then I show up to the show / Say, good things coming don’t believe it tho / Still I’mma go, only knowing what I know.” That type of faith can go a long way in anyone’s life, and these bars give fans direct insight into Christmas’ routine, internal dialogue, and secret to staying positive.

Listen to “Young & Foolish” and “Little Bit O’ Weed” below.


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