With the Corona virus decimating live entertainment it’s tough to get new experiences. Let’s face it, some of us have been stuck in our houses for months and the YouTube videos of old shows are wearing thin. There’s no excitement in re-hashing what was once a euphoric experience; we need euphoric experience! Having said that, the chance of witnessing bands, sports or any live event, in person may have to wait until 2021. However, the ingenious folks at Apparatus Studios have a contingency plan. Here’s the info from there press release:

“Live Apparatus is a brand new, non profit, virtual venue and a limited public access channel for all artists. It will be a unique production that for the first time combines high- end studio audio, broadcast-quality video (including 4-camera coverage and motion graphics) and most importantly, simultaneous live-streaming to FaceBook, Instagram AND YouTube. 

As part of their flagship concern series, Live Apparatus while go live once every other Tuesday night starting on June 30th at 8:50pm. The broadcast will be host by Erin Lee, who is known for starting “Open Swim”, a local show on The Shark 104.3’s Instagram live. Each show will run approximately 90 minutes, feature 3 musical acts, interviews, guest appearances, and all of you, the audience. Viewers will also be able to join a zoom meeting so that we can patch in their video feed into the show if they are partying, dancing, and reacting to the band. Fans and viewers will be encouraged to donate online and all of those proceeds will be split evenly amongst the bands.”

The first show is June 30th at 8:50 p.m. with Cave of Swimmers, Zeta and John Denver Fight Club

Cave of Swimmers is a 2 piece that could be described as Tolkien metal with a heavy dose of Iron Maiden.

Zeta are a Venezuelan band that has made Miami their home. Imagine The Mars Volta with a latin groove and an inexhaustible work ethic.

John Denver Fight Club is a hybrid punk/metal amalgamation that owes a debt to Every Time I Die and The Jesus Lizard.

It may not be the sweaty clubs of your youth, moshing and stage diving, but what did you buy that couch for anyway? Stage dive into your coffee table from the safety of your own home! Let’s make some new memories with socially distant friends!

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