Hot Dad Calendar is a band just as cool and hilarious as their name suggests. This group is originally from Reading, PA but has been working their way from beyond the city limits. After a year-long hiatus, the group is back to perform for local Philly venues. Comprised of Jordan Santiago, Jack Duncan, and Savannah Peck, this Mount Penn trio has some big things in store.

Hearby: What is the Hot Dad Calendar sound?
Hot Dad Calendar: We exist in the realm of emo/alternative, but are attempting to cultivate a new genre we call dad rock.

Hearby: In 2020, how has your music been changing?
Hot Dad Calendar: The growth of HDC has followed our personal growth as both a band and individuals. When we started we were in the middle of college and created the band as just a goofy thing we enjoyed. However, it quickly manifested into something we all are extremely passionate and proud of. In short, we’ve gotten better at writing songs and are starting to take influence from more broad genres other than just Modern Baseball. 

Hearby: Talk about In Good Time a little bit, what was it like making the track?
Hot Dad Calendar: So we had a studio, that our school [Albright College] provided, all to ourselves. With both In Good Time and Camp Cold Lake we kinda just learned on the job for the most part. Collectively we had only taken a handful of classes on how to record, but none of us had ever recorded without supervision. The difference between Camp Cold Lake and In Good Time is that we recorded the latter in a much more precise, organized, and generally better way. This was due to the intense experiential learning process that we went through while recording Camp Cold Lake.

Hearby: Every HDC song has what elements?
Hot Dad Calendar: At the core we are just three best friends who are bound by our love of music. None of us are wildly talented individuals, but from playing together for so long we have created a very tight sound. To sum it up the core of our music exists in simplicity with melody and technique. What makes us unique is our ability to play with timbre, dynamics, and harmony to create a sound that comes from a very organic place. 

Hearby: What’s the big takeaway from Hot Dad Calendar tunes?
Hot Dad Calendar: Be sad, be goofy, and find something to do and then do it. 

Hearby: What do you miss most from playing shows?
Hot Dad Calendar: This is gonna sound cliche but we all agreed that we just miss the scene. We miss talking to people that are as passionate as we are about this incredible thing we all share. We miss the crowd yelling commands at us and us obliging without a second thought. But most of all we miss seeing one another and getting super anxious before a show, but living, laughing and loving every second of it. 

Hearby: Which Philly venues are your faves?
Hot Dad Calendar: The Croc Marten to play at because Bec is the best and they made that experience more than we ever thought it could be. Union Transfer to see though cause it’s just a dope space. 

Hearby: Pick an HDC lyric that sticks out, what’s a memorable one?
Hot Dad Calendar: So the line “Drinking PBR light, everyday and all night” from our song ‘PBR Light’ is probably where we peaked lyrically. But also because it’s our ‘I write sins not tragedies’/’Mr.Brightside’/’Wonderwall’.

Hearby: We’re in weird times for artists. Are you making any new music?
Hot Dad Calendar: We are doing well. There definitely is a void in the band, but we are communicating regularly and sharing new ideas often. Most of our creative process exists from us being together and for lack of a better word “vibing”. 

Hearby: Philly is filled with great music, who’s someone to check out? 
Hot Dad Calendar: James Christopher cause they are a wild vocalist. IFF is a super talented electronic musician. Ragged Lines is technically not Philly, but they are so good. Definitely The Nielsen Family Band cause they are going to be huge and I can’t wait to see it. Last but not least Hall and Oates cause they are one of the most talented underground bands ever.

Hearby: What’s on each of your playlists these days?
Jack: Glass Beach, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, Slowdive
Savannah: The National, Pinegrove, Briston Maroney
Jordan: Hop Along, Touche Amore, Headphones

Hot Dad Calendar’s signature indie take on “alt dad rock” makes them a band on the rise.  Their music can be streamed on Spotify, supported on band camp, and enjoyed on their website You can also keep up with them on Instagram, @hotdadcalendar

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