Most of us may be panicking, trapped at home, climbing the walls, plumbing the depths of our neuroses, fixing things that weren’t broken, discovering pregnancy-inspired food combinations, but leave it to chillest man I’ve ever met to put some cool into quarantine.

This past weekend, Raj Smoove, who Lil’ Wayne has infamously called, “The Greatest DJ in the World,” hosted “Mimosa on the Sofa,” a three-hour DJ set at “Club Quarantine.” He proved that, in the midst of all the madness, the format may be changing, but the attitude is not.

Raj Smoove would bring the sexy at 11am on a Sunday. Usher, Waterseed, Faith, Ja Rule, Bill Withers… my apt was the best club I’d ever been to. I had couch access, endless refills, primo snacks. I wasn’t dealing with loud drunks or squeezing myself into a mini dress, tripping over heels. I hope, even when we’re all allowed back out, streaming DJ Brunch sets becomes a mainstay.

I was clearly not the only person enjoying myself thoroughly. Every time instagram glitched and kicked us off for a minute, there’d be a few seconds of radio silence and then back to 200+ viewers again. The champagne bottle emoji was made for moments like these.

Audience participation became a huge part of the set. “Which two of ya’ll goin’ home with Usher?” Was followed up by all the heart emojis. The best was, as it got raunchy, someone posted. “Who brought a kid to this??” And then someone else with, “I’ve got dogs up in my section” and then several excited responses of “I’m about to get up and come to your section!”

“Let’s Geaux, DJ!” reminded me that Club Quarantine was filled with New Orleaneans and then the discussion turned over to food, as it always does. “These eggs and grits hittin different today.” “This omelette is so bomb.” “Time for some Slap Yo Mama Sauce.”

Then, of course, the topic of drinks, ‘cause if it’s not food here, it’s drinks. “Who got a red cup up in they hand?” “I have a mason jar, filled to the top.” “I’m sending over some drinks now to your section!”

In real life, you can catch Raj Smoove at his House of Blues residency, at Essence Festival, at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and dozens of other places around the city. If R&B is your thing, don’t leave New Orleans without checking him out.

“Uh oh! Where is security at? The kid’s back” had me laughing almost as hard as the chick who typed, “I gotta pee. Who’s coming?” I’d put money down on the fact that at least a dozen of us joined her at that moment.

Raj is keeping the party going tomorrow afternoon with “You GOTS to Chill” at noon CST and will be hosting online events every few days– check in on his instagram for updates:

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