The latest Houston venue fits the theme of the renowned space city. It has recently been announced that the new venue Red Dwarf, the scientific term for the smallest and oldest stars in the universe, will become the latest addition to the Midtown scene. 

The location of the new upstart venue, at the 1011 block of McGowen Street, previously housed the popular bar Mongoose Versus Cobra. In fact, initially, Red Dwarf was housed inside the bar, showcasing shows on the lower floors. However, in a sudden turn of events, it seems that Red Dwarf is moving out of the basement and taking over the new spot. According to the venue’s owners, the positive feedback from their shows was a significant drive for the new development. 

Red Dwarf will be more than just a venue, offering everything from coffee to drinks, breakfast to dinner, as well as local shows and art gallery showings. The 149-occupancy road will be geared toward more intimate, smaller shows, with a focus on local artists. One of the venue’s founders, Shan Pasha, recently stated in an interview: “We wanted to have a community center. A place where people can have a coffee in the morning, students can study during the day, people can have a nice craft cocktail or whatever adult beverage of their choosing for happy hour, and the evenings being the place for musicians and artists to show off their work.”

In essence, Red Dwarf will be a little bit of everything, offering a range of entertainment options in the bustling heart of the city. The team behind the multi-faceted venue had originally planned to announce the opening earlier in the year, but the COVID abruptly changed these plans. 

While announcing a new venue during the midst of national pandemic and intermittent shutdowns is perhaps puzzling for some, and will likely come with a host of obstacles, the owners are dedicated to powering through and adhering to guidelines laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in order to make sure everyone remains safe. 

While no shows are booked for the foreseeable future, Red Dwarf is set for a soft opening on July 6. The passion is there, and it seems that the venue is posed to be a wonderful addition to the thriving cultural mecca of Houston.

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