Teleport Into Patreon’s Stream-A-Thon

Gabe Allanoff

In response to the devastating blow COVID-19 has dealt live music, Patreon–a subscription-based online creative community–is hosting a Stream-A-Thon to raise funds for the artists most affected by the widespread cancellations. The event will be held March 18, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. PDT. Admission is free for everyone, everywhere, and opportunities to donate “to the artists & communities most impacted” will occur intermittently throughout the cyber-festival. 

On the Stream-A-Thon’s homepage, Patreon quickly tackles a high-priority question: What the heck is a stream-a-thon? In response, they proclaim, “We’re not sure. We’re kind of making this up as we go, but it’s going to be weird for sure.” They also call it “a virtual get-together to support each other, get informed, learn, laugh and raise funds for the artists affected by the COVID-19 cancellations.” 

Patreon’s co-founder, Jack Conte, will host the festival, which will include “conversations with artists and experts, performances, some fun surprises and a whole lotta community collaboration.” Open Mike Eagle (rapper), Amanda Palmer (singer), 2 Black Girls 1 Rose (podcast), Kati Morton (therapist), and more are slated to offer their talents at the Stream-A-Thon. 

Patreon is contributing the first $10,000 to the fund for their Artist Grant, which will be given to “creator[s] facing extreme financial hardship.” You can apply to be a grant recipient here. Also, Patreon will add $1 to their fund for each Stream-A-Thon attendee.

With resilience, Patreon says, “We hope to take a shitty situation and turn it into something meaningful, impactful, and fun.” This event is set to be one of the most innovative, interdisciplinary, and intersectional music festivals to date. RSVP on the event page and Patreon will send you a link to enter the stream. You don’t want to miss this!

The agenda for the Stream-A-Thon is as follows.

4:00PM PDT – Welcome to our weird stream-a-thon with Jack Conte & Carlos Cabrera

4:05PM PDT – International impact on the creative community with Amanda Palmer

4:20PM PDT – What’s next for music with Alissa White-Gluz

4:35PM PDT – Future proof your creative career with Amanda McLoughlin & Eric Silver

4:50PM PDT – Feed your dreams, not the algorithm – using social media without being used with Natasha Scott, Justine Kay of 2 Black Girls 1 Rose, and Cameron Huppertz

5:03PM PDT – Musical performance by Raye Zaragoza

5:05PM PDT – The future of live events – music edition with Raye Zaragoza

5:15PM PDT – Embracing your inner entrepreneur – Biz talk for the creative mind with Benoni Tagoe & Erica Campbell

5:30PM PDT – Musical performance by Open Mike Eagle

5:35PM PDT – Making Art Your Business with Jack Conte

5:50PM PDT – How to help Austin creators – a live Q&A with Circling Back Podcast

6:05PM PDT – Musical performance (TBA)

6:10PM PDT – Beyond followers – the power of co-creating with your audience with Dr. Josie Ahlquist, EpicLLOYD & Jack Conte

6:25PM PDT – Dungeons & Daddies rapid fire live with Dungeons & Daddies 

6:40PM PDT – The importance of art now with Amanda Palmer, Jack Conte & Carlos Cabrera

6:50PM PDT – Thank you & good night


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