The Twin Cities are filled with an eclectic mix of music venues. From great dive bars to upscale dining, we really do have it all.

Looking for the perfect Twin Cities music venue to take a first date? Below are three of the best options.

The Dakota

As far as ambiance goes, no local venue beats the Dakota. Its upscale vibe, complete with chandeliers and cozy booths, is ideal for a first date.

Another great thing about the Dakota is the variety of bands that play there. If you love rock, blues, jazz, country, or basically any other genre, the Dakota will have you covered.

Their food, although a bit pricey, is definitely worth it. You want to impress your date, don’t you?

The Turf Club

If you want your date to know that you’re cool, take them to the coolest club in St. Paul, the Turf. Their food is somewhat typical pub fare, but their beer selection is top shelf. 

A complete 180 from the vibe of the Dakota, its hipster panache will certainly impress your date. If it doesn’t, they weren’t the one anyway.

First Avenue

Alright, let’s face it: if you’re going to go on a music-themed date in the Twin Cities, you almost have to take them to the most iconic venue we have, First Avenue.

People travel from all across the country to take in its classic vibe and bask in its legendary aura. Plus, if the music isn’t your thing, you can make out on the balcony, where the music isn’t as distracting. You could also, like, talk, if that’s your bag.

No food here, but the connected Depot restaurant has you covered with classic bar food and plentiful libations.

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